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Instalace světel


Logimic, a member of the IQRF Alliance, has helped its client, Q-EL Pro, a company producing and supplying LED lights, with the installation of a wireless system in Jirkov, western Bohemia.
✓ hundreds of street lights
IQRF Lighting Bridges integrated into lights
✓ on-site installation using AutoNetwork
✓ thanks to Mesh, lamps do not need a direct connection to the IQRF gateway
DP2P function used for localisation
✓ the administration made using SensConnect software installed on a tablet 
✓ lights with IQRF can serve as a backbone for other devices, e.g. sensors
✓ with a remote connection, you can control and reduce consumption and respond to the needs of people
✓ installation is easy and simple

DATMO osvětlení


Datmolux Is a Czech company that develops and manufactures SW and HW systems DATMO and DATMO radioCONTROL for street and industrial lighting.
Their products are based on IQRF technology, bringing customers the best quality wireless transmission.

The IQRF mesh network is created automatically and is very stable and robust. It works without problems. The DATMO street lighting system based on IQRF technology helps reduce costs, improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption.
The customer saves 70% costs with lower lighting power consumption (the case in JULI Motorenwerk).

You can see an example of the implementation of street lighting in Slovakia in this case study.
DATMOLUX has also used its solution in the interiors of industrial halls, cinemas and sports halls or in churches.

Systémy v Izraeli


Our industrial partner in Israel has deployed a reliable and cost-effective solution. There are tens of thousands of street lights that operate in the IQRF network.

Without the need for a personal on-site inspection, all monitored light data is immediately available. This results in significant savings on the maintenance side.
The system enables remote control and monitoring of public lighting, CCTV, energy consumption measurement, control of traffic, monitoring of parking sensors, waste, all based on real-time RF communication in the Mesh network.

ELMAX Wireless Centraltest


SEC lighting company from Slovakia has developed a comprehensive wireless emergency light control system on the IQRF platform.
✓ flexible scaling of the number of lights in the network during operations
✓ control of lights in a bulk or selectively in various modes (Fire Alarm, night lighting)
✓ online inspection and testing of lights (errors in lights, battery status, stability of communication connection)
✓ remote system maintenance - shutdown / restart / update
✓ adding map data
✓ regular service monitoring of individual luminaires and much more

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