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IQRF Lighting Bridge

IQRF Lighting Bridge

This device allows communication with devices with the IEC 62386 (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) interface over the IQRF wireless Mesh network.
✓ bidirectional communication
✓ remote configuration
✓ fast response when monitoring and controlling lights
✓ reliable IQRF network with up to 239 devices
✓ easy and fast installation with Autonetwork functionality
✓ remote and local monitoring and control
✓ connectivity to cloud services
✓ secure transport with AES-128
✓ scalability of other IQRF devices
✓ power-saving system by controlling light consumption 

Light controller with Zhaga/NEMA

Lighting controllers with Zhaga/NEMA

Wireless communication and control unit for street LED lights with Zhaga/NEMA connectors. 
Outdoor, to be mounted on the cover of the lamp.
It works as a bidirectional data tunnel to transfer data frames between IQRF wireless network and the IEC 62386 (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) interface.

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