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Robust wireless connectivity for devices with the IEC 62386
(Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) interface
...perfect fit for lights 

Reliable wireless network at 868 MHz for your lights
Fast response when collecting data and controlling lights
Easy and quick installation with Autonetwork 
Remote and local control and monitoring, cost savings

Make obsolete light a smart light.

Use the IQRF Lighting Bridge, which you simply plug into your light with the IEC 62386 (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) interface.

Light control commands - switching off, switching on, changing the intensity of lighting, etc. - are then sent over the IQRF wireless network. 

You can have more than 200 devices in the IQRF network that can be remotely controlled and monitored. The network is also scalable of other IQRF devices - e.g. air quality sensors, traffic detectors or active elements.

IQRF Lighting Bridge

...a ready-made solution for lighting

This device allows communication with a device with the IEC 62386 (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) interface over the IQRF wireless Mesh network.
Connecting to your light-supporting IEC 62386 (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) standard is simple and requires no special and expensive development.
Immediately, you can make obsolete light smart, remote control it, get readings on light consumption and state, everything a customer expects from modern light. 

  • Innovation in IoT  - the light industry is adapting to changes and new customer needs.
  • Reliability and robustness - using IQRF technology as a communication platform gives you a reliable and robust wireless network.
  • No licence fees - you pay no extra fees for the IQRF transmission.
  • Safety - deployment is easy and fast, network traffic is encrypted and secure.
  • Remote Access - remotely control and monitor your devices.
  • Scalability - you can extend the network to other IQRF devices and connect it to cloud services providing analytics and big data processing.


IQRF mesh network contains up to 239 devices (sensors, actuators, lights,...)
controlled by commands sent by the control unit, the IQRF gateway. The network may function locally autonomously, independently on a remote Internet connection.
If the IQRF gateway is connected to the Internet, you can remotely connect to and control the network. 

IQRF mesh network

Interior and street lighting

IQRF Lighting Bridge or the IQRF communication technology itself can be connected to indoor and outdoor lights and they can be controlled and monitored wirelessly. The lights can also serve as a backbone for other IQRF devices. 

Emergency lighting

Plug emergency lights into the IQRF wireless network using the IQRF Lighting Bridge and take advantage of remote connectivity and easy installation.
Check the light and battery status as necessary, generate reports from the data obtained.
Immediately, remotely, without unnecessary expense. 

Transceiver IQRF

In the IQRF Lighting Bridge you will find the IQRF wireless communication component.

Do you want to integrate it directly into your light and save costs?
That, of course, is also a possibility. We're happy to help you. 

Take a look at the manufacturer's video guide to understand how to do this properly or contact us

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